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Challenge your body to
focus your mind and
unlock the power of Flow to achieve peak performance

Patrick Sebastien - Performance Coach

"We are born to move and we are born to breathe. The real magic happens when we learn to combine movement and breath to trigger Flow and tap into our true potential."


Patrick Sebastien

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Enjoy a complete mental training experience for golf, which includes physical and mental activation, to unlock your best performance.

  • A 20-minute physical activation session

  • A 10-minute breath training mental activation session

  • A 30 or 60-minute mental game training session on the golf simulator

Golf is 100% physical, 100% technical, and 100% mental. The only way to improve is to focus on all aspects of the game in a holistic and balanced way.

Patrick Sebastien

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No matter where you are in the world, we can connect and help you take your game to the next level. Coaching sessions include:

  • Designing a balanced approach to functional fitness training and guidance through that journey

  • Breath training techniques to help you manage stress, focus your mind, and unlock your best performances

  • Strategic coaching to help you achieve your goals and take your performance to the next level


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Movement provides the physical CHALLENGE we need in this first stage of Flow. We can use your existing workouts, slightly modified, or we can help you create a whole new movement strategy. Everything is customized to you. 

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The second and most important stage of this formula is the RELEASE stage, provided by breath training.

You'll use specific breathing techniques to focus your mind and unlock the next stage of Flow.

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When you combine movement and breath in just the right way, you can tap into FLOW and get in the zone. 

Unlock this valuable asset to perform at your best on the golf course.

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In 2001, I discovered Thai Boxing and it changed my life. What started as a great workout, became a passion, and eventually a career. 

I trained with and coached professional fighters, athletes, and alpha-minded individuals who wanted to tap into the primal energy fight training provided.

During those 15 years of my life, I learned how to move, how to breathe, and especially how to use combinations of movement and breath to take control of fear and stress and tap into a state of peak performance. 

This formula was tested under the intense pressure of fight training and competition. That's how I know it works. 


When I retired from fight training, I had to feed my obsession with improvement and have something in my life where I can apply everything I know about movement, breath, performance, and flow.

That obsession is golf. Both as a coach and an athlete, golf is the ultimate peak performance challenge, a physically technical game that heavily rewards mental focus, creativity, and confidence. The perfect sport for Flow.

My mission is to use combinations of fitness, technical training, and breath training to explore the limits of performance coaching when it comes to golf, and by default, to life. 

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Patrick is patient, thoughtful, creative and compassionate. He’s able to distill his expertise in both the spiritual and scientific aspects of flow states into simple yet profoundly impactful tools for people he works with.

Shay Kostabi - Founder of Fitness Career Mastery

Patrick’s deep understanding of movement and breath training has not only helped me manage a traumatic chronic pain issue, but he’s guided me to a better quality of life.

Dr Ken Kashkin 

Since working with Patrick, I’ve been able to bring a sense of calm and presence on the golf course. Breathwork has become my 15th club and a tool I lean on often, in good times and bad, to return to a grounded headspace. I think this is the future of sports and is a vital part of my everyday routine.

JT Griffin - Professional Golfer


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