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Develop Better Consistency In Golf

Develop consistency in golf

Many of my clients, and golfers, seek to develop more consistency on the course. When I observe people on the course, I see a lot of routine variations by the same player, even on the same hole. Tell yourself that if you change your routine every time, you give your brain different information each time. So how can you develop more consistent results if you change your mind regularly?

Here are some important factors to consider to develop better consistency:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: continue to build on your strengths and improve your mental, physical, technical, and strategic weaknesses.

  • Go practice more regularly, for example: 3 times 20 minutes instead of 1 time 60 minutes. The movement integration will be done more effectively.

  • Managing your energy: good sleep, physical training (strength, power, and adding cardio to your workouts), continuous nutrition (be strategic with your snacks on the course, e.g.: every 2 to 3 holes), hydration (a few sips at each hole), relax between shots, and have fun!

Have fun at golf

  • Those who want to maintain their concentration throughout the entire round, which averages 4 hours and 30 minutes, I suggest you reread tip #3 on managing the your energy. Also, learn to turn the “off switch” after each shot.

  • Regulate your emotions and stress. Every emotion has a cost, an energy that causes your battery to decrease throughout the day. Be aware of this. How to charge up your energy battery? Meditation!

  • Have a technical and mental routine consistent with YOU, your feelings, and YOUR way of doing things. I strongly suggest that it reflects your personality. In your routine put the ingredients that make sense to YOU. Then, once it's created, practice it on the range. If all goes well, test it on the course. Make changes if necessary. A routine can evolve, just like your game.

  • Walk at a steady pace.

It may seem like a lot, however, to be aware of it and put these ideas in place will allow you to establish consistency in your own style that will last over time. And oh! By the way, golf is like an ocean, there are waves, which means ups and downs at times. Even among the best in the world!

Michel Dubord

CPGA Professional and Mental Coach

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