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Prepare your mind to perform.
Mental preparation and technical coaching to improve your focus and perform at your best, on the golf course and in life

Michel Dubord - Mental Coach

"Every human being is unique. Each of us is our own laboratory experiment. We each have our own evolution. Find the balance between your body and mind to reach your full potential."

Michel Dubord

Sport and a passion for learning are part of Michel Dubord’s DNA. After 15 years of minor league hockey, at the age of 20, he was introduced to golf by his father. His love for golf takes over his being. He’s worked at the Île-Perrot golf club (now Windmill Heights), at the Whitlock golf club, and since 2016 at the Glendale golf club in Mirabel, QC. In 2005, he obtained his level A from the CPGA and directed his passion towards teaching.

Over the years, he’s trained as a massage therapist and personal trainer, in addition to seeking other related certifications such as the TPI level 1 (Titleist Performance Institute). This certification allowed him to better understand biomechanics, to adapt and personalize his teaching specifically to his clients’ strengths and limitations.

With all his technical and physical knowledge, he was missing something which is very important to the development of humans and athletes, the mental aspect. After reading several books on the subject, and having done some basic training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Michel crossed the ocean to train as a mental trainer for athletes at the FOCUS mental preparation school in France. Today he continues to refine his knowledge to help players and athletes perform to the best of their abilities while enjoying their well-being.

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Michel Dubord

Co- Founder of OLAS Performance

Mental Coach and CPGA Professionel

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Golf teaching/coaching:


Individual lessons

Two-person lessons

Group lessons (maximum 4 people)

Do you have any technical gaps in your game? Michel offers you the opportunity to work with advanced technologies such as the SWING CATALYST, GEARS 3D technology and video capture of your swing. These will allow you to better understand your strengths and what you need to improve on in order to hit the ball further and with more precision.

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Mental Coaching


Complete formula with interview phase (2 to 3 meetings and questionnaire to determine athlete’s psychological profile) and planning of 8-12 sessions according to the client’s needs


Integrated formula which is per session and focused on a specific mental coaching need

You feel like you have an incredible potential to perform, and for some reason you feel like there’s a mental block slowing you down? You have difficulty putting into words what prevents you from moving to the next level? With the athlete’s psychological profile test and Michel’s complete analysis, you will be able to determine and learn the skills you need to develop in order to perform at the height of your potential.

Michel, I would like to highlight your excellent work for helping me improve in the performance of my favorite sport, golf. For 5 years now we have been meeting at the start of each golf season to correct and/or refine my technique. I can confirm that your advice has helped me enormously. I was able to go from a handicap of 10 to 6.

Mario Lacombe

Michel, thank you for everything.

By listening, he teaches in a way that makes you want to play and above all surpass yourself while respecting your limits.

He focuses on the beauty of the movement more than the results. His calm makes him a mentor.

Guillaume Lévesque

Personally, my session with Michel Dubord was beneficial, more beneficial than I thought it could be with only one session.

Michel made me see things that I myself had never noticed or taken into consideration during my 3 years of golf.

Alexandre Vaudry

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